The everyday life of an architect in Telenor

Both Hanna Landgren (29) and Katrina Sponheim (34) had just barely graduated when joining Telenor’s campus at Fornebu. Fresh from school they both took on positions as IT developers in the tech sphere.

Written: Apr 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes

“I felt an instant attraction for Telenor. I’ve been here since I joined in 2007 and Hanna since 2012,” Katrina explains.

Today, Hanna heads up her own department and Katrina is Chief architect Digital Channels and API.

“Developers and architects have an incredibly creative role and are highly involved in the various processes. At Telenor we get to be part of the entire development process of products and services.

“And now we hope more people will join the team!”

Keeping a close eye on millions of customers

With more than three million mobile customers in Norway, Telenor is today the country’s largest supplier of telecommunications and data services. Telenor also has a fair share of service customers and other partners. The developers and architects are the ones who are closest to this huge customer base.

“You are given a big responsibility in gigantic projects”, says Katrina.

“We are the ones who create the websites and the apps, and we are also the ones who need to make sure they are as easy to use for all our customers, whether they grew up with internet or not. We must see how customers act, and we need to test new products.”

“Compulsory” education

“We are now moving from the traditional waterfall model to a more agile way of collaborating, which means closer interaction between business and technical entities. As well as a more efficient and creative way of work,” says Hanna.

“In this way we are able to deliver results faster while maintaining autonomy in making the solutions.

– As an employee in the tech industry, it is important that our expertise is not impaired, and therefore we must always keep ourselves updated. In Telenor, each employee has been allocated 40 hours a year to build new expertise. We are measured on this and must complete the training offered,” says Katrina.

When asked which platforms and tools they are using, they list terms like – mircoservice for API, Node.js, Continuous Delivery Platform based on Kubernetes and Docker-I.

Are you a developer or an architect?

The Digital channels and API department will be on the lookout for new colleagues in the time to come. They want to recruit more developers and architects and would like to get in touch with people with relevant education, expertise or experience.

“With us you will be working with new technology, cool projects and be part of a community that has a strong drive and wants to succeed. Our colleagues are one of the best parts of this job. They take care of new team members, are creative and maybe a little childish,” Katrina laughs.

“Those who work here are friends I hang out with, to put it that way,” she adds.

The combination of cross-functional teams, an organization that has ‘muscles’ to invest in expertise, and the opportunity to work closely with end users makes Telenor an attractive place to be,” Hanna concludes.