Telenor Youth Forum: Reflections on an Oslo adventure

In December 2018, 16 Bright Minds from across Asia and Scandinavia gathered in snowy Oslo on a common mission: to reduce inequalities in global health.

At the end of each day, we asked four different delegates to reflect on their experiences. Here’s what they wrote.

Rachel Loh, Malaysia, reflects on day one

“First, we were all sorted into our groups, each given a challenge related to reducing global health inequalities. My team was assigned to create a digital solution that will optimise agriculture to feed the world ethically and sustainably. With my experience in running a social enterprise that empowers farmers and reduces rice wastage (Rice Inc) – I was elated to be able to bring my knowledge and skills to the table and most importantly, learn from my team to come up with a solution that will create a sustainable and meaningful impact.

One of the many highlights of the day was meeting my teammates Emilie, Ingrid and Sameen who are some of the most funny, driven, humble and intelligent human beings I have ever met. Not to mention our mentor Ieva, who has been incredibly supportive and understanding. Although I am not sure where we will end up, I have full faith in my team because we all have two things in common: creativity and the determination to create a sustainable impact.”

Cherngchay Tacho, Thailand, reflects on day two

“The second day of #TYF is considered to be one of the toughest, since we need to spend all day to think about our possible solution. Our group mainly focused on the mental health issue since it is also acknowledged as a non-communicable disease which is our main challenge to address. In the afternoon we also designed our platform to connect the user to our solution along with developing our solution to be sustainable in the long run.

Another main feature of the day was dinner, for which we travelled to a Lavvo (a large tent found in the hills outside Oslo). The moose stew was perfect at the end of a long day. We were also given a candle-lit history lesson about Alfred Nobel and his legacy with the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony by Hege from the Nobel Peace Center.”

Thiha Zaw, Myanmar, reflects on day three

“The third day of the TYF was quite an emotional one. We spent a few hours working on our challenges in the morning. Right after, we changed and were transported to the City Hall for the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony. Coming from Myanmar, the Noble Peace Prize is something that is close to my heart. I wore my national dress and it was fun to see that a lot of people were interested in it. During the ceremony, the messages given by winners were so strong and real. Personally, it encourages me to keep working hard.

After the ceremony, we were led into the Nobel Peace Center where we got the chance to see the exhibition prepared for the Peace Prize Winners. We were all awed by the work of Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege.

Then we were led to MESH to present our ideas to other delegates and peers. It was very informative for us to see a different perspective. We were asked valuable questions and given great suggestions.

Finally, we were given torch lights and we participated in the Torch Light Parade in honor of the Noble Peace Prize Winners. It was such a strong moment. There were hundreds of people holding torch lights, chanting and singing songs of hope and peace.

I will definitely remember this day forever.”

Pa Ukaranun, Thailand, reflects on day four

“All our hard work paid off! Yesterday we presented what we have been working for the last 4 days.

My team got the challenge of supporting the growing elderly population. Ageing population is not a new issue, but it is getting more intense because of the rapidly increased number of elderly in many countries around the world. Our team is from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. Explaining, discussing, sharing our thoughts and doing the research helped us get on the same page.

The morning was stressful as we had very little time. Finally, the pitching began. I could feel the strong support of each team while we were standing in the stage. The jury suggested some good points to help us develop our solution.

I’m so grateful to have the greatest mentor ever, Alanna, who helped us pull out ideas, point us in the right direction when we got lost and encouraged us when we were low. Of course, my team members – Kristine, Djaco and Thiha were amazing.

This is not the end of our journey! Prepare shorts and tank tops friends. See you in Bangkok, May 2019!”

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