Telenor Sweden takes a stand against sexual abuse

In addition to blocking of web sites with child sexual abuse content, Telenor Sweden has taken a stand against sexual abuse of children by a partnership with ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes).

Last updated: Apr 2013

The partnership aims to prevent child sex trafficking in existing and new products and services, and to raise awareness on the issue among employees, customers and suppliers.

“We take a stand against child sexual trafficking. For one thing we are blocking web sites with child sexual abuse content. Bredbandsbolaget (brand under Telenor Sweden) was the first Internet provider to offer this service back in 2005. We are also contributing to the ECPAT hotline that is open to anyone wanting to report trade with children for sexual purposes, child pornography or child sex tourism,” says Elin Andersson, project manager, Telenor Sweden.

Employee engagement

After a lecture from ECPAT at Telenor Sweden’s office, many employees felt that they wanted to get involved in the issue.  On this basis an ECPAT-team was created.  The team consists of employees at Telenor Sweden’s different offices who have the possibility to use two working hours every month to get involved. The team works to raise awareness among Telenor Sweden’s employees, as well as customers and suppliers, trough lectures and dissemination of information.

“We’re very pleased to see that Telenor Sweden is working continuously to prevent child sexual abuse. As Telenor Sweden is pioneering this in its home country, it’s sending out a strong signal. We hope that it will serve as inspiration to others,” said Ola Jo Tandre at Group Corporate Responsibility.”


Photo: ECPAT team: Therese Zettergren, team member Gothenburg, Ola Arnrup, team member Stockholm, Helen Vallbo, team member Karlskrona, Christina Norlin, contact Karlskrona, Camilla Lindvall, ECPAT ambassador, Elin Andersson, CR coordinator, Agneta Simonsson, contact Malmö.