Technology keeps small towns alive, says Mayor Ole André

Like so many others living in smaller communities, Ole André Klausen, mayor of Askvoll, is committed to preserving his village. A stable and fast network is one of his most effective tools for this.

Written: Oct 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Askvoll municipality lies on an isthmus between the mainland of Norway and the North Sea. Idyllically situated between deep fjords and steep mountains, Askvoll is an exciting destination. Fishing, hiking, canoeing and cycling are some of the activities in the fjord landscape.

Ole André and his co-workers are proud of their beautiful countryside and are committed to ensuring that people are able to keep living there. But they have no illusions. The municipality has in recent years experienced a decline in population and jobs. Population growth among 20-40 year olds has been weakest.

“That is why it is so important that we take the necessary steps to prevent population loss and preserve the village,” says Ole André.

He points to Telenor’s copper remediation as an important link in this, “The copper network has a limited time horizon, and it is important to come up with new solutions. Mobile broadband and fiber are a very good way to meet future needs. We must put in place the right solutions for all our citizens. This is essential to ensuring that people stay and that this village can thrive.”

Earlier this year, Telenor announced the establishment of Western Norway’s first 5G pilot in the Askvoll municipality. With a 5G pilot in place, customers located within the coverage area will have the opportunity to be transferred from services on the copper network to the 5G network. Customers who currently use services over the copper network and are outside the coverage area will be offered new and more modern solutions over the existing 4G network.

Ole André welcomes the opportunities that are opening up to his citizens.

“We have had an ongoing dialogue with Telenor for a long time and are very pleased that the future super network will come to Askvoll. With 5G we will be able to enjoy advanced technology that will make everyday life easier, both for businesses and for private residents living and working in the area,” says Klausen.