Tales of leaders living the Tight-Loose-Tight life: Linda Wetterborg

Written: Oct 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, Telenor has learned a few things about what it takes to lead in a flexible work environment. The company has embraced the tight-loose-tight principle, in which you have to be tight on setting expectations and giving direction, loose on giving people the freedom to find the best way, and then tight again on the follow-up and holding people accountable.

We found a few leaders across the Telenor family who have been working this way for a while. Telenor Sweden’s Tribe Lead Sales & Marketing, Linda Wetterborg is one of those talks about ambitions, inspiration, and what it takes to lead.





What did you want to be when growing up?

An actress

When did you become a leader?

15 years ago

What’s your leadership philosophy?

Build a team of individuals who are more awesome than yourself and then work to make yourself redundant.

What’s the greatest challenge you face as a leader?

The clash between my grand visions and the team’s everyday struggles of which I will always know too little.

Who inspires you?

Oddly enough, the first who pop up in my mind are fictional heroes like Maximus from Gladiator and Lagertha from Vikings…

What’s the one thing you want to do once all the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted?

Go to a big party with many of my friends and dance ALL night.

What does Tight-Loose-Tight leadership mean, in your own words?

To me it means that I need to contribute a lot as a leader in setting a compelling vision/mission for my team and clearly connect our focus and efforts to the overarching goal for the company.

Tell us more…

The latter is achieved through the use of OKRs and underlying performance metrics that I also need to make sure we all follow up tightly and withdraw learnings from. But in terms of how we achieve the goals I put my trust in the team and encourage them to try out ideas and make decisions and learnings. I want the strategies, plans and activities to come from them and I want them to feel that they can self-manage as a team without fear of consequences.
I want the accountability and learning to happen in the team and I know that they are much more equipped than me to make most decisions. So, in this part, I stay close but as an “advisor”, try to energise, provide facilitation, inspiration and clarity.