Telenor Group’s Strategic Focus on Reduced Inequalities

We live in an unequal world. The gaps between those who have and those who have not are widening, and the greatest gains in innovation and technology are not always shared.

Sustainability at Telenor is about how we do business. We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we are focusing on goal #10 Reduced Inequalities. This is reflected in our business strategy and our purpose to ’empower societies’. The way we run our company is based on clear standards, on everything from privacy to anti-corruption and energy efficiency to human rights. In practice, this means working continuously to improve everything we do, and working with our suppliers to do the same.

The other key focus for us is to help unlock the benefits of the digital revolution and demonstrate how more can be achieved with connectivity. We have made financial inclusion more available and affordable. Our internet services have opened up possibilities to interact, learn, participate and grow both socially and economically. More women are connected to these possibilities than ever before. And farmers are better informed on how to increase their output.

We work to raise standards and deliver wider access to our services. This effort is guided by our commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goal #10 Reduced Inequalities. This is also why we have initiatives in all markets designed to grow children’s online resilience. Our efforts to register the births of thousands of invisible children are ongoing in Pakistan and will soon commence in other Asian markets. And our supply chain sustainability work as well as human rights due diligence efforts, continue to raise standards internally and downstream.

As a responsible business, however, we recognise that increased access does not always ensure more equal outcomes. Vigilance and proactive measures are sometimes needed to protect vulnerable groups or help them maximise the benefits of connectivity.

We have set targets for this work. To help vulnerable groups in our markets prepare for a digital future, we will grow their capacity, skills and resilience. By 2020, we will facilitate access to identity for seven million and educate and build the resilience of four million children on online safety.

Further, we will raise standards for our employees and our supply chain. We will build the capacity of our suppliers to raise standards in their operations through 100,000 hours of training.

In all these efforts, our partners will be more important than ever. Partnerships between governments, businesses and organisations are central to stimulate growth and create shared value, both for the business and society. At Telenor we work in partnership with local authorities and local organizations, and through a global partnership with UNICEF. The skills, networks and resources of our partners are essential to achieve the outcomes we seek.

At Telenor we are convinced that a more equal world is good for our business and for the people we serve. We remain committed to raise standards across our operations and to strive for greater access and increased opportunities by empowering societies wherever we are.