Stakeholder engagement

Telenor believes good corporate governance involves openness, trustful disclosure and engagement between all internal and external stakeholders.

As part of Telenor’s strategic focus on responsible business conduct, the company aims to develop its stakeholder relations as a long-term owner and business partner, true to its commitments, values and the purpose of empowering societies. The company will purposefully apply business standards that may be higher than what is decreed by law in its respective markets.

Selected stakeholder engagement events within the sustainability area in 2017:

In February 2017, Telenor in Myanmar held its 4th annual sustainability briefing since 2014. At this session, Telenor Myanmar CEO Lars Erik Tellmann expressed the company’s commitment to be open and transparent on its business, challenges, and how they face key sustainability issues such as responsible business conduct in the supply chain, energy innovation in a challenging market, ethics and compliance, cyber crime and legal frameworks as well as how to empower women in the workplace.

In September 2017, Telenor Group’s General Counsel and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Wenche Agerup was invited to the UN General Assembly in New York to discuss how the business sector can commit to the Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs) and to present the reasons why Telenor has  chosen to focus on reducing inequalities in society.

The Rohingya situation in Myanmar was high on the international agenda in 2017. Telenor viewed the developments in the Rakhine State in Myanmar with grave concern, and published a statement to that effect in September 2017, which was communicated to the Myanmar authorities. See more information in the chapter on Human Rights.

The company follows developments closely and continues to focus on ensuring the provision of services to all people in Myanmar. We will continue to seek to engage constructively and encourage all parties to follow up on the recommendations in the Annan report.

In October 2017, Telenor Group President and CEO Sigve Brekke was invited to hold The Rafto Challenge lecture at NHH Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, presenting how Telenor Group works with human rights, how Telenor addresses challenges and how the company needs to stay vigilant and continuously improve.

In November 2017, top management in Telenor Group and the business units in Thailand, Bangladesh and Malaysia were invited to local forums from the private sector, government and NGOs to discuss how to collaborate on the UN Sustainable Development Goals with a specific focus on challenges and opportunities for partnering to reducing inequalities in society. These local top management forums will continue in other Telenor markets in 2018.

In December 2017, Telenor gathered 24 exceptional young talents from an estimated 8,000 applicants in 13 countries to the Telenor Youth Forum in Oslo. The participants worked in teams to solve specific social challenges by designing digital solutions that can reduce inequalities in society.

In 2018, Telenor will continue its stakeholder engagement within the sustainability area:

  • Arrange meetings and broader communication activities to engage with investors and relevant stakeholders in the company’s current sustainability challenges and opportunities.
  • Demonstrate how Telenor can empower societies through its business and how we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Reduced Inequalities.