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At Telenor, we fully support the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Global Compact Principles. We seek to provide access to services and opportunities that will help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across all of our markets.

SDG impact assessment 2020

Telenor continues to develop and assess our goals, responsibilities, and impact as they relate to the SDGs.

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As part of our commitment to responsible business, we are continuously striving to raise standards in our operations and supply chains for the benefit of our employees, supply chain operators, customers, and the environment.

We see connectivity and digital inclusion as key factors in reducing global inequalities, which has led us to centre on SDG 10, “Reduced Inequalities,” as a strategic focus across our business and operations. By accelerating digitalization and leveraging the impact of network accessibility, we strive to empower people and societies in all the markets that we serve.

SDG impact can be seen through two lenses. The first lens describes the positive impact of Telenor’s products and services on the SDG targets. The second shows how Telenor’s potential and actual risks may also impact the SDG targets. Together, they paint a broad and interconnected picture of which SDGs Telenor has most impact on and engagement with. In our yearly SDG Impact Assessment, the size of each SDG icon reflects Telenor’s impact.

Our methodology is based on principles put forth in the UN Global Compact and GRI report, Integrating the SDGs into corporate reporting: a practical guide. Each year, Telenor works to assess initiatives and risks that could impact the SDGs, map these initiatives and risks against specific SDG targets and rank the SDGs based on the frequency of the SDG targets addressed. The results of the ranking is then reflected in the size of the SDG icons within the yearly SDG Impact Assessment report.

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