The Requirements

All suppliers and parties having a direct contractual relationship with Telenor must comply with Telenor`s Supplier Conduct Principles (SCP). An Agreement on Responsible Business Conduct (ABC) legally obliges the supplier to comply with the SCP and certain requirements set out in the ABCs.

Telenor’s Supplier  Conduct Principles (SCP) are based on  internationally recognised standards, including requirements on human rights, health and safety, labour rights, the  environment and anti-corruption.

Supplier Conduct Principles

All suppliers are obliged to extend the supplier requirements further down in their own supply chains. The agreement also provides Telenor with monitoring rights. Trained in-house inspectors are checking compliance and carrying out inspections of suppliers in accordance with written standards and best practice.

Continuous improvement is the overriding principle throughout Telenor’s responsible supply chain management activities. Telenor wants to work with its suppliers in the spirit of collaboration. However, if a supplier shows no willingness or ability to improve over a period of time, Telenor may consider sanctions and termination of the contract as a last resort.

At year-end 2017, we have signed approximately 9,000 ABCs with almost all our active suppliers that we have defined as in-scope for ABC (based on risk assessments). If a supplier has objections to signing our ABC, the risk involving softer requirements shall be considered and procedures for adjustments of text, clause on  Responsible Business Conduct in the  underlying contract, waivers and waived  category list shall be followed. A small number of waivers for signing the ABC are given based on a supplier’s refusal to sign, and with the local CEO’s approval for local contracts or with Group Sustainability for global contracts.

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