Supplier Engagement

Telenor’s business units carry out training sessions to increase capability and raise the standards on sustainability in our supply chain.

Capacity building, training & awareness

The Telenor business units organised more than 23,000 man-hours of various capacity-building initiatives in 2017. The capacity-building involved various efforts to proactively build the local capacity of suppliers and sub-suppliers in order to drive continuous improvement in the supply chain. The activities vary from supplier to supplier depending on the overall risk picture of the business unit.

Typical activities include on-site briefings, awareness sessions, workshops, forums, process support, online portals and resource guides, etc. The capacity-building is  adapted to the practical situation and  according to the real need of the supplier, focusing on awareness of Telenor Supplier Conduct Principles issues as well  as specific activities related to skills  development (e.g. tower climbing). Typical topics are: Labour rights, health and safety, anti-corruption, sustainability requirements as well as green telecom, empowerment of women and diversity.  Some business units have also worked in industry and cross-industry collaborations to synergies efforts in capacity-building.

Road safety

In Asia, road-related accidents are among the leading causes of on-the-job injuries and deaths, and as mentioned above, 70 per cent of all fatalities in Telenor’s supply chain in 2017 were road accidents; and all occurred in Asia. Telenor Group’s footprint in Asia covers more than sixteen thousand employees and approximately six hundred thousand supply chain employees. With such large numbers of people working for and with Telenor, and with an extensive network spreading over huge areas of land, the company holds major stakes in everyone’s safety. As Telenor’s markets grow rapidly, traffic and road-related safety is an increasing concern. Telenor launched a road safety initiative in 2016 aimed at increasing awareness of road safety and reducing road accidents. This awareness work has continued through 2017 and this year.

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