Mobile Phones and Health

At all its base stations and antenna installations Telenor adheres strictly to international and national guidelines for health and safety. Network equipment, such as antennas at repeater sites and base station sites, emit radio waves in order to ensure extensive and high-quality mobile coverage. These radio waves are often described as “radiation”. But, in a health context, it is more accurate to use the term electromagnetic fields (EMF), which emit from all electronic equipment.

Whenever Telenor installs new network equipment, we ensure public health and safety by adhering strictly to the electromagnetic exposure guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These guidelines are endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Radio waves from mobile phones

Mobile phones transmit radio waves and create electromagnetic fields as they communicate with base stations. The specific levels depend on the distance to the base station as well as the type of mobile phone. All commercially available mobile phones comply with the safety limits endorsed by WHO, and the actual exposure level (SAR value Specific Absorption Rate) is printed in the user manual or on the box. At Telenor we are committed to engaging in dialogue with stakeholders concerned about health and electromagnetic fields. We are committed to communicate in a transparent manner to anyone seeking more information about any of our installations and mobile devices.

Even though no harmful effects have so far been proven in research, users may take precautions to limit their exposure, such as:

  • Using hands-free equipment when talking in the mobile phone
  • Avoiding long calls
  • Sending SMS/MMS rather than calling

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it safe for children to play near masts with mobile antennas? Why does my ear heat up following long calls in the mobile phone? See our FAQ and find the answers to these questions among others.

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Mobile use and health

Mobile phones and mobile data devices are an integral part of everyday life in just about every society in the world. At Telenor we are respectful of anyone coming forward with concerns for their health or that of their families related to mobile technology.

Telenor Group’s position on mobile use and health (EMF)