Our privacy position

Your privacy is important to us. As one of the world’s major mobile operators, Telenor’s privacy specialists are dedicated to their work, and the company maintains strong internal procedures across our markets to protect your privacy.

We take pride in protecting your privacy and are committed to earning your trust. We do this by keeping your information safe and secure, and by being transparent about how we handle your data. We continuously review our privacy practices throughout the Telenor Group and conduct regular training with the people involved in privacy-related activities.

We strongly believe that you should get as much value as possible when you share your data with us. Therefore, whenever we process data on your behalf we strive to add value to the services you receive from us and provide you with personalized and more relevant services.

Our position on privacy can be summarized as follows:

  • We are open about how we collect and use your personal data.
  • We are committed to using your personal data to provide you with better and more relevant services.
  • We always take steps to ensure that we keep your personal information safe and secure