Working with Professional Partners and Networks

Telenor strives to build synergies and maximise the value of its sustainability activities through close collaboration with professional partners and networks.

To ensure effective corporate responsibility it is essential that we identify and work with strong partners and through well-functioning networks. We have therefore established good working relationships with numerous global and government agencies, non-governmental organisations and industry partners.

Our key networks and partners:

As a member of The Global Compact Telenor has committed itself to sustainable development practices through accepting, promoting and supporting ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Telenor Group has since March 2013 been a member of the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue on Freedom of Expression and Privacy.

In February 2014, Telenor entered into a five-year global partnership agreement with UNICEF to support child rights, child survival and development leveraging mobile connectivity with a focus on our markets in Asia.

Telenor has entered into a partnership with the Red Cross with the aim of enhancing the organisation’s capacity for carrying out humanitarian work. The Red Cross is making a comprehensive effort to secure a safe environment for children and young people, and as part of this initiative the Red Cross Telephone for Children and Youth has been introduced.

Telenor and The Wikimedia Foundation have entered into a partnership with the aim to increasing access to the free and open knowledge available on Wikipedia. Telenor has launched Wikipedia Zero in Montenegro and Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh, Serbia, Pakistan, India and Myanmar.

The Nobel Peace Center presents all Nobel Peace Prize laureates and arranges exhibitions, with the aim of inspiring reflection and debate on issues relating to war, peace and conflict resolution. Telenor has a number of international commitments in troubled regions of the world, and is keen to support this important peace effort. Telenor has been an active partner of Nobel Peace Center since the opening in June 2005.

Telenor Group collaborates with GSM Association (GSMA) on various topics ranging from safe and environmentally friendly use of mobile phones, to improving the energy efficiency of our networks and implementing of renewable energy sources. Read more on GSMA`s Green Power for Mobile website.

Telenor Group is part of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC); a co-operation of 13 mobile operators focusing on the social, ethical and environmental conditions across their supply chains.

GeSI – the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, provides a platform for networking with relevant peers who are driving sustainability forward. Through the GeSI membership, Telenor expects to share experiences and gain knowledge on sustainability issues.

Telenor Group has entered into an agreement with UNI Global Union in order to establish a platform and framework for dialogue between UNI and Telenor on fundamental labour rights. Read moreabout the partnership.