Health, Safety and Security in the Telenor Group

As an international company with a diversified workforce, Telenor Group places great emphasis on Occupational Health, Safety and Security (OHS&S). We have adopted a systematic approach to the way we manage this internally in Telenor and towards our contractors, vendors and suppliers.

Overall Ambitions

The safety and well-being of Telenor employees is a high -priority.

We focus on identifying, eliminating or controlling work-related hazards and other risks. It is our ambition to become industry leader in Occupational Health Safety & Employee Security (OHS&S) by:

  1. Continuously work to sustain a health and safety culture
  2. Demonstrating excellent working conditions and care for the environment
  3. Requiring business conduct from suppliers which is compliant with set standards
  4. Promoting OHS&S in all local markets in order to build a competitive edge

Systematic approach to OHS&S

Telenor has one common approach to the way it works with OHS&S internally and towards contractors, vendors and suppliers. We work systematically to ensure continuous improved performance within this area and to nourish a strong Group culture.

OHS&S standard

Telenor decided that all Business Units should comply with the internationally recognized standard, OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health Safety & Employee Security. This standard has been implemented in all of our Business Units. With this standard in place all Telenor’s Business Units shall continue to pursue a structured way of assessing and mitigating risks related to OHS&S with clear management involvement and direction.

Telenor also works actively to include third party certifications under the OHSAS 18001 standard.

Our Performance and Preventive Work

Telenor has established a comprehensive internal reporting system in order to monitor our OHS&S performance and progress, as well as to facilitate benchmarking towards our peers.

These are the key goals in our continuous efforts to support good and healthy working conditions for all under the OHSAS 18001 standard:

  1. No serious injuries or deaths
  2. No serious pollution of the environment
  3. No breach of Human Rights
  4. No fatal accidents

These goals are monitored on a quarterly basis, and are frequent being reported to management

In order to sustain improved OHS&S performance over time, Telenor carries out required training and awareness programmes on OHS&S for employees and in-house contractors at local level

OHS&S Status and Ambition

In 2016, the Sickness Absence Rate (SAR) for the entire Telenor Group was 1.6 per cent. This number is reported with the acknowledgement of variations in reported data based on different local national procedures and regulations related to sickness reporting. In 2016, more than 30,000 employees and in-house contractors attended Health Safety Security & Environment related awareness training sessions.

There were three work-related employee or in-house contractor fatalities reported in Telenor Group for 2016. All three was related to traffic, two in Pakistan and one in India.  Telenor will continue to work with its partners and vendors to monitor and implement health and safety measures and provide them with proactive support in OHS&S matters.

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