Dialogue Initiatives

Telenor is committed to respecting labour rights principles as laid down in UN Global Compact and ILO’s fundamental conventions. These principles relate to respecting the rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining, the elimination of forced labour, child labour and discrimination in the work place, and are reflected in Telenor’s Code of Conduct, Group People Policy and Supplier Conduct Principles.

Telenor believes in empowering employees through management dialogue with employees or their recognised employee representatives. By utilising the employees’ experience and insight to influence working conditions and contribute to sustainable business growth, Telenor also aims to empower the societies in which it operates. Telenor Group is, throughout its operations, promoting partnerships based on good and trusting dialogue, e.g. in relation to acknowledged unions or through local cooperation bodies such as People Council.

All workforce restructuring in Telenor should be done with the aim to create and sustain long term business value. Workforce restructuring should be done in a responsible manner, through verifiable processes and in accordance with the Telenor Way and applicable legal requirements and legislation.

At Telenor, attracting and retaining the best talent through training and development opportunities as well as career prospects is fundamental to continued competitiveness and growth. Telenor also strives for diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunities in accordance with the People Policy.

Status and Ambition

Empowering Employees through Trustful Dialogue Initiatives: Based on Telenor’s global agreement with UNI Global Union, the company continued its dialogue and information exchange on fundamental labour rights, in particular with focus on its operations in Bangladesh.

In 2012, Telenor Group signed a Telenor Works Council – Europe (TWC-E) agreement with elected European employee representatives. By establishing TWC-E, Telenor aims to build trust between representatives of Telenor Group management and the employee representatives from European countries where Telenor operates. This Group meets several times a year and their objective is to enhance information exchange and discussions related to transnational issues that impact employees.

Additionally, Telenor has reinforced its commitment to further develop employee involvement in operations throughout the Group. Most of Telenor’s operations in Europe and Asia are providing for employee involvement through dialogue between management and recognised employee representatives, e.g. in relation to acknowledged unions or through People Council as a local cooperation body.