Stakeholder engagement

List of stakeholder groups

Stakeholders engaged for materiality matrix include policy makers, investors, employees, community & media, customers and NGOs- outlined online:

Scope and Principles

Collective bargaining agreements

In Telenor Norway, Sweden and Denmark, all employees are covered by collective agreements due to the legal principle general application for all employees.

In Asia, the first Union within the ICT-sector has been approved in Grameenphone, Bangladesh. The parties are working together towards a collective bargaining agreement. In Malaysia there is also a recognized union with a collective agreement.
Telenor Annual Report 2019 – p.45 Employee involvement

UN Global Compact: SDG 8

Identifying and selecting stakeholders

Reporting Scope and Principles

Approach to stakeholder engagement

Telenor Annual Report 2019 – p.48
Telenor Investor Relations
Stakeholder Engagement
Telenor Materiality Assessment
Sustainability Briefing Myanmar 2019

Key topics and concerns raised

This is outlined in Telenor’s materiality assessment process.

Telenor Materiality Assessment

Telenor Annual Report 2019 – p.44