Economic performance

Direct economic value generated and distributed

Telenor Annual Report 2020 – p.86

UN Global Compact: SDG 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10

Financial implications and other risks and opportunities due to climate change

In terms of climate-related regulator risks, Telenor may face higher operational costs related to carbon taxes, rising energy prices and internationally binding agreements.

Climate-related physical risks may cause disruptions or catastrophic damage to infrastructure, such as network base stations and electrical power lines.

Our industry’s technology and smart services through Internet of Things (IoT) also have the potential to cut global carbon emissions,

Telenor Annual Report 2020  – Climate risk assessment p.83

UN Global Compact: Principle 7

Defined benefit plan obligations and other retirement plans

Telenor Annual Report 2020– note 26 – Pension obligations – p.134-136 and Compensation policy p.46 and 49