Telenor Serbia Foundation

Telenor Foundation was founded by Telenor Serbia in March 2007. As the largest foreign investor in Serbia, the Telenor Group continues to invest in Serbia while helping the development of the country’s social potentials through the Telenor Foundation. The aim is to help resolve targeted social and educational problems that Serbian society faces.

Last updated: Mar 2012

The purpose of the Foundation is to initiate and support projects that contribute to sustainable and developmental solutions throughout Serbia. The Telenor Foundation mainly focuses on youths, their education and professional advancement, socially vulnerable groups and the development of cultural production and the art market.

The aims of the Foundation

Soon after entering the Serbian market Telenor Serbia started to consider how best to direct our social responsibility efforts. Specialists representing different areas of expertise were invited to be members of the Foundation’s Managing Board. The aim of the Foundation was clear; to contribute to the genuine needs of the Serbian society and further its successful growth and development. Stein-Erik Vellan, Telenor CEO and Telenor Foundation Managing Board Chairman, put it this way: ‘Through its many different projects and activities, the Telenor Foundation supports one fundamental goal: To help the Serbian society move forward and grow’.

Examples of projects the Foundation work with:

  1. University Centre for Students with Disabilities is established by the University of Belgrade where the Telenor Foundation support the overall adaptation and functionality through necessary equipment. Read more about the work focused on socially vulnerable groups.
  2. The Telenor Foundation pays special attention to youths, invests in talented people in Serbia, and their education and professional advancement. Read more about the work focused on education and youth.
  3. Foundation launches and supports activities that contribute to the development and improvement of cultural life throughout Serbia and the decentralization of cultural production. It organizes competitions, exhibitions and other cultural events. Read more about the work focused on cultural life in Serbia.

Read more about the ongoing projects within Serbian society on the Foundation’s website.