Telenor Montenegro fights child pornography on the Web

In February 2010, Telenor Montenegro has teamed up with local law enforcement to prevent access to child pornography from mobile phones.

Last updated: Sep 2012

By establishing a filter to block certain Web domains, Telenor Montenegro is working to prevent the mobile phone from becoming a tool to spread this illegal content.

“This initiative is about protecting young children from becoming victims of serious abuse. If we can contribute to removing the earning potential for those benefiting from this type of crime, we will. I am proud that Telenor is the first Montenegrin industry player to join this fight,” said Christopher Laska, CEO, Telenor Montenegro.

Telenor leads the way in the fight against child sexual abuse

Telenor Norway was the first mobile operator in the world to introduce a child sexual abuse filter for mobile phones in 2005. Inspired by this initiative, the GSM Association launched its “Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content” in February 2008. With Montenegro now on board, Telenor is taking yet another step forward in the fight against child sexual abuse.

Cooperation with the Montenegrin Interpol

Telenor Montenegro is committed to Internet security in the mobile world, and delivering products that protect even the most vulnerable members of society. To accomplish this, Telenor Montenegro required the help of the Montenegrin Interpol.

As part of Telenor Montenegro’s initiative, the Montenegrin Interpol will offer a consumer hotline and maintain an updated list of URLs containing indecent material. The police are responsible for making all assessments regarding the legality of the content. Telenor Montenegro will provide the technical solution and manage the filtering process, based on the information provided by the police.

“By introducing this filter with the help of the police, we are restricting the market for indecent and illegal material, as well as helping to prevent accidental access to child sexual abuse content,” said Eleonora Albijanic, Project Manager of the abuse filtering project, Telenor Montenegro.

An industry-wide effort

Part of the Telenor corporate responsibility strategy is to develop products and services that are child-friendly and child-proof, in order to keep families safe while online.

The telecommunications industry is working together to prevent the distribution of child sexual abuse content. Telenor and several of the world’s largest operators are spreading the word about ways of blocking this illegal content, in an effort to stop people from exploiting the mobile networks by hosting, accessing or profiting from child sexual abuse content.