“Internet for all Project” in Serbia

Telenor Serbia has launched its “Internet for all Project” with the aim of promoting and increasing the popularity of Internet use among its citizens.

Last updated: Mar 2012

The project, which is primarily targeting the younger parts of the population, was introduced in 2009 in cooperation with the Youth Office of the Vračar municipality in Belgrade.

Low Internet use in Serbia

Serbia is lagging behind developed European countries in Internet use. Only 32 percent of the population in Serbia uses the Internet, which is significantly lower than the European average of 49 percent. This is demonstrated in the study “Towards a Connected World – Socio-Economic Impact of Internet” conducted by Telenor Group.

“The study shows that a very small percentage of the young population in Serbia uses computers and Internet in their education. We are hoping that the “Internet for all project” will contribute to the integration of computers into school systems and modernisation of the education process and stimulate students to use Internet in every day activities, including schoolwork, socialising and entertainment,” said Sandra Stajner, Chief Communications Officer in Telenor Serbia.

Computers and Internet to Belgrade Schools

The majority of the Serbian students do not have access to Internet at home, some of them not even to computers. The “Internet for all project” has the main goal of providing unlimited access to the Internet for a period of one year to students of the following schools:

  • 2 Belgrade gymnasiums (high schools)
  • 2 vocational secondary schools
  • 1 specialised primary school for children with developmental disabilities
  • 1 music school

These schools have also received computers in addition to free Internet.

The positive impact of the Internet

Increased adoption of Internet can accelerate business productivity, thereby generating income, jobs and government revenues in emerging economies. This is demonstrated in the study.

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