Info center for people with disabilities

Telenor Serbia supports an information center for people with disabilities by providing a free telephone line, Internet access and technical support.

Last updated: Feb 2015

By calling toll-free, users get information and advice from experts in a number of areas including law, education, social and health related matters, and other relevant issues of particular importance to this group. At the same time, user suggestions are directed to specialized institutions and organizations.

“Such projects provide us with an opportunity to help resolving difficulties that members of this group, which is often deprived of necessary, vital information, encounters every day. The aim for all of us involved in the project is to show that things can and should be different. We will continue investing efforts in rooting out prejudice regarding persons with special needs, and making their inclusion in social life easier,” says Sandra Å tajner, Chief Communications Officer of Telenor Serbia.

Free expert advice and information

The Society for Assisting Persons with Developmental Disabilities in the Belgrade municipality of Stari Grad initiated the founding of a telephone information center. The idea is to provide persons with disabilities, their families and caregivers with free expert advice and information on how to overcome specific daily problems. The center, called “Let’s Live Together”, started operation in Belgrade in April 2009.

Better access to Internet

Only 32 per cent of the population in Serbia uses Internet, which is significantly lower than the European average of 49 per cent. This is demonstrated in the study “Towards a Connected World – Socio-Economic Impact of Internet” conducted by Telenor Group. Many Serbians do not have access to Internet from home. The information center is therefore even more important as it provides access to people who might otherwise not be connected.

This initiative is part of the Telenor Serbia Foundation.

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