Fighting child sexual abuse online

Telenor Norway has developed a filter blocking mobile and computer access to child sexual abuse content. Already adopted throughout Scandinavia, we are looking to expand the global outreach of the filter.

Last updated: May 2013

The Telenor Group is committed to preventing the distribution of files and commercial sites depicting sexual assaults on children. By blocking access to these sites, we wish to restrict the market for such material and prevent accidental access by the public to child sexual abuse content.

So far the filter has been implemented across Scandianavia by Telenor Norway, Telenor Sweden and Telenor Denmark.

Cooperating with the police

Since 2004 Telenor Norway has cooperated with The Norwegian Criminal Investigation Service, Kripos. Professionals at Kripos perform content screening and validate the illegal nature of domains and IP addresses containing child sexual abuse material. Kripos regularly provides Telenor with an updated list of web sites that should be blocked. As part of the agreement, Kripos provides a hotline where people can tip the authorities about illegal sites containing child sexual abuse material.

Telenor provides the technical solution

Our role is limited to providing the technical solution and managing the filtering process based on a list of prohibited web sites, provided by Kripos. Telenor does not engage in any kind of censorship or evaluation of the legality of content distributed by others. The partnership therefore clearly states that Kripos is responsible for making all assessments as to legal issues related to content.

Exporting the filter to other markets

Telenor is a member of the GSM Association (GSMA), a global trade organisation representing more than 750 mobile operators across 218 countries. Following the promising results of the filter in Norway, the association launched “the Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content” in February 2008. Several major mobile operators joined forces to expand the global outreach of the filter and prevent individuals in using mobile networks to host, access or profit from child sexual abuse content.

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