Count on Connectivity in Bulgaria

Last updated: Sep 2016

Despite heavy snow and challenging weather conditions in March 2015, Telenor Bulgaria was the only mobile operator that managed to maintain connectivity in the affected areas – a lifeline for the stranded.

Days of heavy snow harmed many areas in the country. Settlements and communities in the Rhodopes Mountain were especially affected, stranded behind snow traps blocking traffic and food delivery, without electricity power. A record number of towns and villages lost power, and some people were also left stranded.

Connectivity when needed the most

In such difficult times, mobile was the only solution providing connectivity for people in these areas. Unlike other operators, Telenor Bulgaria’s service during these testing times remained active, helping people stay in touch with the outside world. In the municipalities Rudozem, Zlatograd, Banite, Batak, Rakitovo, Velingrad, Nedelino and others Telenor Bulgaria’s network was the only way for people to stay connected. This was possible in part due to planned network resilience and reliability initiatives in place.