Capacity Building @ National Sustainability Conference

In December 2015, Telenor India hosted a ‘National Sustainability Conference’ in New Delhi addressing topics such as green telecom, women empowerment, diversity, supply chain sustainability and social responsibility.

Last updated: Aug 2016

Ministers, industry leaders and sustainability professionals gathered to discuss their views on maximizing the impact of communication services by creating shared value for the society and business.

Building Supplier Capacity

Telenor’s requirements and way of work on responsible business conduct were conveyed to about 250 suppliers and stakeholders. In this way, Telenor India provided a platform to put a spotlight on key sustainability initiatives and ensure capacity building of key suppliers.

The final attraction of the event was the reward and recognition ceremony, where suppliers to Telenor India were applauded for their compliance with the Telenor standards on responsible business and Supplier Conduct Principles.

Pankaj Sharma, Head Corporate Affairs, Telenor India highlighted that “It is important part of Telenor’s brand to earn respect in own community and within the company. A way to achieve this for Telenor is by integrating social projects in their business model and ensure that every part of the supply chain adhere to sustainable conduct.”

Telenor Group Sustainability representative speaking at the event, Director Cecilie Hersleth said that “This impressive conference shows that Telenor India is a game changer and makes a difference. Capacity building is an important element of the way we work in addition to checking compliance to the Telenor’s standards on responsible business conduct.”

Capacity Building & Risk Reduction

Telenor’s approach to supply chain sustainability is to legally oblige the supplier to uphold responsible business practice, monitor compliance to Telenor’s requirements and build capacity among suppliers. For Telenor, improved efforts in capacity building are one of the most effective means to long term risk reduction.