Bringing social services to Pakistan

Telenor Pakistan offers social services portal to help customers easily obtain vital information.

Last updated: Mar 2012

Telenor Pakistan is making it easier for customers to get medical tips, legal advice, career guidance and other useful information by simply dialing 1911 on their mobile phones. This new 24/7 social services hotline was created to help Telenor Pakistan subscribers obtain vital information in an affordable and easy to use way.

“I got free legal advice from the lawyer at 1911 for one of my long standing legal matters,” said Rahil, a 1911 user.

How it works

Today, when you dial 1911 from your Telenor Pakistan operated mobile phone, you are immediately presented with four options: Tele Doctor, Tele Lawyer, Tele Genie and Career Guidance. After making a selection, the user is transferred to their expert of choice, with an average waiting period of one minute, 10 seconds. All experts are licensed, experienced professionals who are employed by a third party service.

“Telenor Pakistan’s new 1911 social services portal was launched as an initiative to provide better social welfare services for our customers. We are giving them access to health care, educational guidance, legal advice and important facts with the press of a button,” said Lars Christian Iuel, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan.

The evolution of 1911

Telenor Pakistan originally introduced its 1911 service in 2008, as purely a Tele Doctors service. Its success was evident during the Baluchistan earthquake of 2008, when 10,000 calls were placed to the service each day following the natural disaster. The service has now been re-launched as a more comprehensive social welfare service, aimed at improving the quality of life for people in Pakistan.

Enhancing the lives of Telenor subscribers

Initial user feedback of the 1911 service has been positive, as Pakistani residents in remote areas are now able to easily access these social services, often in their preferred regional language.

“By launching 1911, we have made significant strides in overcoming the traditional barriers of availability, affordability and accessibility that often prevent people in Pakistan from obtaining vital social services,” continued Iuel. “We are confident that this service will continue to enhance the quality of life for our customers.”

Enabling access and creating value

Telenor Pakistan’s 1911 service is an example of how the Telenor Group focuses on bringing the benefits of mobile communications to people around the world. Through its communications services and cooperation with skilled partners, Telenor helps people access information that may improve their daily lives. This is in line with the Telenor Group’s Corporate Responsibility focus on “enable”, a concept that encourages the use of communications to create shared value for society and Telenor.