DiGi connects rural areas across Malaysia

DiGi provides Broadband Internet access in rural underserved areas across Malaysia.

Last updated: Mar 2012

In early 2009 DiGi started to build 13 Community Broadband Centres (CBC) at various locations across Malaysia, and plans to establish 150 more.

Internet access to enable socio-economic improvements

CBC is part of an ongoing nation-wide effort to promote internet access in rural underserved areas and for underserved groups within the local community in Malaysia.

The goal is to ensure that communities living in these areas are connected to mainstream Information and Communications Technology (ICT) development. This will enable and empower the “connected communities” to bring about socio-economic improvements and growth through day to day activities such as agriculture, education, health, and business, amongst others.

E-transactions services in rural areas

The visitors of the community centres will be able to perform various e-transactions, for example e-Government, e-Commerce as well as to seek for job opportunities on Internet, in addition to the widely used online banking applications.

Training programmes, social networking and access to information

DiGi plans to run capacity building activities and training programmes in CBCs all year round, progressively addressing different parts of the community. The intention is also to promote social networking with other e-communities, with opportunities to learn and share about services and techniques. There is also value creation via access to knowledge and information (development of local content, research, documentation, etc.)

Creating new opportunities

DiGi has engaged 26 dedicated employees to manage these centres. This is a possibility for entrepreneurial development that would help full realisation of the CBC programme potential.

For DiGi, participation in the CBC programme opens various opportunities in rural community markets where the company continues to build and strengthen its presence.