Three women taking a selfie

How to stay smart and safe on the internet.

Think before posting

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes before sharing something that is potentially hurtful.

Get permission

Ask permission before posting pictures, video or other information of other people.

Protect those passwords

Don’t share your passwords, not even with your best friend.

Stay private

Don’t give out your personal information online. Protect yourself and consider using an alias.

Take precautions

If you agree to meet up with a friend you’ve only met online, make sure to bring another friend or adult along and meet in a public place.

Stand up

Don’t be a bystander to bullying. If you see it, try to stop it.

Keep your cool

If you are the victim of bullying, don’t react. The bully wants to get a reaction out of you, so the best thing you can do is not respond.

Actively block

Check out your privacy settings. You can choose who gets to see what content and information about you. And don’t be afraid to block people if they’re bullying you.

Tell someone

If you are being bullied online, save the messages and show them to a trusted adult.

Get help

Don’t suffer alone if you are being bullied. Find a friend or trusted adult, or call a helpline where you’ll find experts who are trained to support you.