Be Smart Use Heart

We believe that access to the internet should be enjoyed by everyone. To make the internet a safer place, we take a simple but effective approach: Be Smart, Use Heart.

Two boys looking at a smart phone

Be Smart Use Heart is the motto for Telenor’s initiatives directed towards school-age children, their parents and teachers. We focus on digital bullying (often called cyber-bullying or online bullying), which is abusive behaviour that occurs on the Internet and other connected devices.

Telenor’s Be Smart Use Heart programmes provide information and tools to help children and parents cope with bullying online. The aim is to teach kids how to stay safe online and how to keep a mobile device secure. We realize that digital bullying is a challenge that can differ from country to country. The level of awareness about these issues can also vary from country to country; this often depends on the length of time that internet has been a part of people’s lives. In most cases, no matter location, mobile devices are the children’s main point of Internet access.

Telenor supports young mobile users by teaching them to apply simple precautions in order to be safe online. By reminding them that the online world is still real and that actions, even when take on the internet, can really hurt, most children are encouraged to act responsibly towards others when texting, messaging and using social media.

Be Smart Use Heart!