Security expert Julie Isdahl believes that what matters is seeing what’s coming

In her job, Julie sees daily threats and attempts at cyber domain attacks in real time. These are attacks that seek to exploit the technology and digital infrastructure we all depend on in our everyday lives. For Julie, the value of digitalisation is ultimately weakened if users cannot feel safe.

Written: Oct 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Norwegian society needs to be one step ahead of the threats presented by the digital era

It’s summer in Norway, and we meet Julie on the roof of Telenor’s headquarters at Fornebu in gloriously sunny weather. It’s been five years since Julie first stepped into the space between the two long office buildings, where visual artist Jenny Holzer’s digital text banner adorns the south-facing facade. Today, Holzer’s interactive poetry is a reminder of how small outside impulses can have large scale impact.

“The world has become so much smaller because of communication technology. As a user, I think technology should be there whenever I want, and however I need to use it. For example, I want technology to help me compensate for what’s missing when we can’t physically meet people face to face,” says Julie.

It’s about staying ahead

Julie is no stranger to security challenges, having joined Telenor from the Armed Forces and worked with security assessments and analysis ever since she left university. Today she works with security in Telenor Group, and has regular contact with colleagues and security experts both in the Nordic region and Asia.

Through her day-to-day work Julie is busy designing and implementing strategies for business and cyber security. Whether unforeseen events occur in Telenor’s network or business relationships, she and her colleagues are instant responders with analytics and decision support. For Julie, however, instant response isn’t quick enough.

“Working with security is about staying ahead. We need to understand the threats before they actually threaten,” Julie emphasises. “That’s what I expect from the team and from myself, but it’s also an expectation for all the digital services I use.”