Recycling & reusing ‘Mobile Battery for Life’

Mobile handset recycling has been on dtac’s agenda for the last 13 years, through which the company is making the fight against climate change a priority.

Last updated: Aug 2016

dtac sees significant opportunities in helping people reduce electronic waste, especially the battery of mobile phones. In order to address this problem, the “Mobile Battery for Life’s Project” was initiated 13 years ago.

The ambition? To implement a complete recycling program and annually collect customer mobile phones and batteries for reuse or recycling through appropriate processes and standards.

Local collaborations

Collaboration with local partners, such as customer service shops, Tesco Lotus and Big C stores is central to the project through which outreach was expanded to 400 disposal/ recycling drop boxes nationwide.


dtac also partnered up with TES-Amm Singapore LTE LTD, which provides electronic waste management and services, to properly dispose and recycle the e-waste and various electronic devices. TES-AMM is the first company to be certified in meeting international environment disposal and waste recycling.

A concrete effort in 2015

In 2015, dtac collaborated with TES-Amm and collected 980,000 pieces of customer mobile phones and batteries to be reused or recycled in an appropriate process, which can contribute to reduce 12,000,000 Kg CO2. In addition, we can use funds generated from the reselling and recycling of these parts to support the youth and environment development project of Thai Fund foundation.