The transformation of Myanmar

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All eyes on the Myanmar leapfrog

Norway’s Royal Family and a government delegation have landed in Myanmar, where they were introduced to a company that combines some of the best of Myanmar’s and Telenor Group’s expertise, experience and energy.

What we’re made of

When Norway’s Royal Family visited the Telenor House in Yangon, they were greeted by a fully operational business unit in the Telenor Group, comprising of people from all over the world, that is a product of all of Telenor Group’s collective experience and history.

The delegation was greeted outside Telenor House by Jon Fredrik Baksaas, Sigve Brekke (EVP and Head of Telenor in Asia) and Petter-Børre Furberg (CEO, Telenor Myanmar). Group CEO Baksaas spoke about the impact of the company’s history on the future and that Telenor’s global footprint has come to life in Telenor Myanmar.

One year after the visit, Myanmar leapfrogged from having no network to having 2G and 3G network. And the conversation is beginning to shift from “getting Myanmar basic connectivity” to “bringing Myanmar Internet for All.” This is the journey the country is now on.