Mobiletech awarded Telenor Digital Winner Prize for mobile innovation

The Norwegian software company Mobiletech has won the Telenor Digital Winner Prize. The prize, worth NOK 250,000, has been awarded to the company for supplying innovative solutions that encourage the use of the mobile Internet.

Written: Mar 2008

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The formal prize-giving took place yesterday evening in connection with the Digital Winners seminar which is arranged by Telenor and World Association of Newspapers (WAN) in Telenor’s headquarters at Fornebu.

Mobiletech, which employs 25, won the prize for its unique publishing system that makes it easy for content providers to publish, show and invoice content directly to their customers.

Berit Svendsen, chairman of the jury for the Digital Winner Prize together with Espen Askvik, the CEO of Mobiletech.

“We are awarding this Nordic prize because we want to encourage our content partners to develop services that are even more user-friendly, new and innovative. We have been impressed by Mobiletech’s work to promote the mobile Internet; they are a force for innovation in the content market,” says Berit Svendsen, chairman of the jury for the Digital Winner Prize and VP, Head of Product and IS, in Telenor Norway.

In its assessment, the jury was especially impressed by how user-friendly Mobiletech’s solutions are and how well users have taken to them. The jury also liked that Mobiletech’s products encourage customers and content providers to use digital channels in a new and innovative way.

There were many good candidates and following intense discussions they were left with three finalists. The two other finalists were the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). NRK was nominated for Rubenmann, which was the first Norwegian TV series created exclusively for the mobile. DR was nominated for its DR Update service, an innovative news channel that embraces several access technologies.

“Telenor wants to encourage the use of digital channels such as mobile phones, TV and the Internet. New services must be user-friendly if they are to be used. Services launched before they are thoroughly tested with end users are seldom profitable, neither for Telenor nor the suppliers,” says Berit Svendsen.

The prize was presented during a two-day seminar hosted by WAN and Telenor, and the programme continues on Friday, with international speakers, with companies such as Google, Nokia, Adobe and Warner Music being represented.

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Mobiletech is the power behind integrated dynamic mobile portals for major media companies, operators, yellow pages companies and other companies throughout the Scandinavian region. Mobiletech has offices in Norway (Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen), Sweden (Stockholm) and USA (Washington DC).

Mobiletech enables its partners’ customers to receive a mobile channel experience which is designed specifically with the challenges and opportunities this channel presents in mind.