Meet Christian Roth

Follow his journey from trainee to the leadership team!

Who are you, Christian Roth?

I have been part of the Telenor Sweden family for ten years now. I actually started as a trainee and went on to different roles within Marketing, working with our customer offerings and products. Before I was appointed CIO, I held the role as Head of Transformation in Telenor. The overall purpose with that role and our business transformation is to change how we operate and to digitalize our business model. Telenor is and has always been good at change and this will continue going forward – as long as you work at Telenor, change will be a constant factor. It might not always be as clear as the sun what will happen next, but I like it when everything is a bit uncertain. I also believe that this is the time when you will have the biggest opportunity to affect the outcome.

What is your key motivator?

Telenor’s ambition is to multiply our digital sales figures. Obviously this will require a tremendous effort from the organization. But it is also a huge opportunity for us to build the right digital business model with a long term perspective in mind. The customer journey is vastly more complex today so the right solution is not only to focus on the digital channels but to think much wider. We need experts within all areas that affect the customer journey and we need to give these experts the best possible conditions in order to work better together and truly understand each other´s challenges.

What is your ambition with the new organization?

I wanted to make a clearer shift for the IT and Marketing department working closer and better together and in October we launched our new agile organization where we combined these two divisions.  IT and Marketing are both very dependent on each other and that is why we needed to create better conditions to be able to work better together. I believe is it inefficient and waste of our manpower to have IT and Marketing working in cut off silos without sufficient collaboration. It’s not a modern way of working having Marketing placing an “order” to the IT organization, which then develops and executes on that order, without getting feedback or insight in the results. How was the product that we developed used? Did we reach the intended targets? In all fairness, it is important that IT understands the business and that Marketing understands IT.

Why is Telenor’s agile way of work unique and how will it improve the way we do business?

The first important piece of the puzzle is that IT and Marketing have developed and agreed upon a mutual roadmap for this new organization. It is not very common to do this and to be as thorough as we have been. We need to make sure that our organization works together as a team towards a common goal.

The second thing is that we are bold by completely changing the way we do market communications and consumer campaigns. Few other companies in Sweden can say that they have taken this step towards an all-in agile way of work to the same extent. This is not only about technology, it is rather about how we can make the organization become one team, where everyone wants to contribute and love what they do.