Press Releases

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22 Dec 2005 Telenor’s acquisition of Vodafone Sweden approved by competition authorities
22 Dec 2005 Victory for Telenor in Sonofon tax case
19 Dec 2005 SONOFON buys UMTS license
14 Dec 2005 Johan Lindgren new CEO of Vodafone Sweden
13 Dec 2005 Telenor into the Swedish fuse box
02 Dec 2005 Watch the Winter Olympics on your mobile
02 Dec 2005 Garrett Johnston leaves Telenor
30 Nov 2005 Wireless Zones from Telenor – now available to all mobile subscribers
22 Nov 2005 Telenor to upgrade its Online ADSL offering: higher speeds, lower rates and a new Mini subscription
15 Nov 2005 Telenor to offer up to four times higher ADSL speeds in the business market