Press Releases

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08 Mar 2017 NTNU, Telenor and SINTEF open Norway’s new powerhouse for artificial intelligence
23 Feb 2017 Bharti Airtel to take ownership of Telenor’s operations in India
Bharti Airtel, Telenor India
02 Feb 2017 Telenor Capital Markets Day 2017
02 Feb 2017 Telenor reports fourth-quarter results
31 Jan 2017 Telenor Group makes your car smart
19 Jan 2017 Telenor Research on 2017 tech trends: The year of AI and social fatigue?
12 Jan 2017 Telenor makes organisational changes
Telenor Group
13 Dec 2016 Statement from the Board of Directors meeting in Telenor ASA
12 Dec 2016 Regarding compliance cases handled by Telenor Group ASA and its subsidiaries
06 Dec 2016 Telenor publishes Global Impact Report