Telenor Norway opens Europe’s most modern mobile network

Emilie «Voe» Nereng (15), one of Norway’s most popular bloggers, officially opened Telenor’s new mobile network today. The new countrywide mobile network will offer people throughout Norway Europe’s most modern mobile network.

Published: 20 October 2011 10:15

Reading Time: 3 minutes

“This new mobile network secures its users higher speeds and greater capacity when surfing on PCs, tablets or mobile phones. Customers can be assured that Telenor Norway, now and in the future, will provide the best mobile coverage and that our mobile network provides the best experience,” said Berit Svendsen, CEO of Telenor Norway.

Smart phones are accelerating data traffic

Increasingly, people are using the mobile network to send pictures and videos, browse the news, read emails and share movies and information on Facebook. This doubles the data traffic each year, and Telenor estimates 15 times more data traffic by 2015.

“I blog and use my mobile phone everywhere, so for me it is important to have good coverage. Sharing video clips and checking Facebook is a must, and I demand high speed, said Emilie “Voe” Nereng.

“We have acknowledged the consequences of new user requirements. Last summer saw the implementation of, by far, the quickest and largest scale replacement of the mobile network for exactly this reason. We’ve expanded the network to ensure that customers throughout the country can enjoy superb coverage and the capacity required to make use of all the new services to come, even in the future,” said Berit Svendsen.

Norway, the showcase

The total upgrade includes more than 9,000 base stations in a total of 6,379 different sites throughout Norway, including Svalbard and oil installations in the North Sea. The new network means that Telenor acquires improved data traffic capacity, thus enabling us to offer customers higher speeds. The new equipment will be used to deploy the next generation mobile network (4G/LTE), starting up in 2012.

“Right now we can access all the information we want from a mobile phone, freeing us up to move out of the office and into the nature, up at the cabin or down on the beach. There is nowhere in the world where communication services create a better experience than in Norway,” said Svendsen, who emphasizes that behind these major investments lies a clear ambition to make Norway into the showcase for rest of the world in this regard.

Successful teamwork

Base stations are located on mountain tops, in confined lofts in apartment buildings, on oil installations in the North Sea – to provide coverage wherever people are to be found in Norway. More than 1,000 of these sites could only be reached by helicopter in order to replace the equipment. Norwegian weather and road conditions, with snow storms, darkness and mountains and forests with no roads have brought about major challenges during implementation.

“We have replaced the entire infrastructure while still handling daily operations of the network. The process has been a bit like changing the engine while driving the car. The implementation was a team effort, with participants from Telenor Norway and more than ten suppliers and contractors. Around 700 people of more than 20 different nationalities have worked together. I am extremely proud of the work that has been done, and not least, the results,” said Svendsen.


  • Telenor has replaced all 9,000 base stations located at 6,379 different sites in Norway.
  • 50 percent of the base stations are ready for 14.4 Mb/S and 21 Mb/s.
  • 700 people of more than 20 different nationalities have worked together to modernize the mobile network.
  • Approximately 1,250 tons of equipment was removed. This has either been recycled or destroyed.
  • The new equipment reduces Telenor’s energy consumption by around 15 GWh per annum, which can be compared to the consumption of 800 homes.

Some findings from the Nordic Mobility Report 2011:

  • 1 of 4 people uses mobile broadband daily, while a total of 6 of 10 use it weekly.
  • Mobile broadband is used in a number of situations – while travelling, at leisure and recreation spots, and at home.
  • More men than women, and mostly in the 20 – 39 age group, use mobile media content daily.
  • 25 percent of men and 14 percent of women use mobile media content weekly at a minimum. 27 percent in the 12 – 19 age group, 33 percent in the 20 – 39 age group and 19 percent in the 40+ age group use mobile media content weekly at a minimum.

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