Press releases

18 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Letter of Intent Between Telenor and Cisco Systems: All-out effort to build new infrastructure

Telenor has signed a letter of intent on a comprehensive collaboration with Cisco Systems, the world’s leading supplier of electronic systems for the Internet. The aim is to build a test version of an integrated infrastructure based on the Internet Protocol (IP) for telephony, data and multimedia services from land-line and mobile connections. Based on the test results, Telenor can eventually replace the variety of networks currently in use with this Full Service Network (FSN).

15 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

EU extends study of merger between Telenor and Telia

The EU Commission Tuesday decided to expand its analysis of the proposed merger between Telenor and Telia. The study now enters what is called phase 2, a phase which may last up to four months.

11 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Telenor launches broadband internet access with ADSL

Telenor became the first telecom operator in Scandinavia to offer the new terrestrial broadband ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) service on June 7th. Initially available in central regions of Oslo, Bærum and Tromsø, the ADSL service offers businesses Internet access at speeds from 5 to 30 times higher than an ISDN connection, at a price which is lower than a leased line.

11 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

The 1999 Telenor Research Award goes to the Telepathology Group in Tromsø

The 1999 Telenor Research Award has been given to the Telepathology Group within the telemedicine project in Tromsø. The group gets the prize for its contributions to develop and promote telepathology as a methode within telemedicine. The award money of NOK 250,000 is Friday handed over in Langesund, at the the annual gathering for the Norwegian electronics and computer trades.

11 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Telenor to launch new Inmarsat global area network service

Telenor will be one of the first Inmarsat operators and service providers to launch Inmarsats new Global Area Network (GAN) for mobile multimedia applications, offering the service from the third quarter of 1999. GAN is the worlds first global communications switched system for mobile multimedia applications.

7 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Industry leaders form focus group to promote third generation wireless IP technology

AT&T, BT, Rogers Cantel, Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, Nokia, Nortel, Telenor and TIM, Global Leaders in Mobile Communications are forming a 3G.IP focus group to develop an all IP based architecture for 3rd generation mobile systems.

7 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Change in dividend from Telenor

Telenors general assembly has in its meeting June 4 changed the dividend published in the companys annual report for 1998. The dividend has been increased by 25 million NOK to 700 million NOK, and retained earnings has been reduced accordingly.

29 Apr, 1999 10:27 Press Release

Telenor, 1st Quarter 1999

The Telenor Group’s operating profit for the 1st quarter of 1999 was NOK 810 million, an increase of NOK 36 million compared to the same period in 1998. Compared to the 1st quarter of 1998, the growth in turnover was just over 14 per cent and came primarily from network-based services such as fixed and mobile telephony and satellites.

22 Apr, 1999 09:20 Press Release

Annual Report 1998 available

Oslo, 04-22-99) Telenor’s annual report for 1998 is now available, either from our website or as a printed version. Requests for printed reports should be made either via email to Telenors trykksaksenter or by fax: (+47) 22 16 03 28. Please remember to enclose your complete postal address.

31 Mar, 1999 12:05 Press Release

Agreement Between Owners Finalised for Merger of Telenor and Telia

“I am pleased that the agreements between the owners have now been finalised for the merger of Telenor and Telia. Now we will be devoting all our energy to creating an international and expansive telecommunications company. With the strong position we enjoy on our home markets as our point of departure, our ambition is to become a leading actor in Europe and globally in areas where the new company will have unique competence.”

These are the words of Tormod Hermansen, the future president and CEO of the merged Telenor/Telia, in a comment on the signing of the final agreements for a merger of the companies.