Nextra awarded license and announces the creation of new Czech Wireless business

Nextra, one of Europe’s foremost internet-based service providers for the business community, today announced the formation of a new wireless business – Nextra Wireless s.r.o. The new Prague based enterprise, which will be headed up by Vojtech Vrba, was created following the successful tender for one of three new Czech network operator licenses for FWA (26 GHz Fixed Wireless Access). The Czech Telecommunication Authority officially assigned the license to Nextra on 21 Sept. 2000.

Published: 22 September 2000 12:00

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The main goal of Nextra Wireless is to provide access to the Internet and other high capacity services through the FWA network. The first FWA products will be introduced at the INVEX trade fair at the beginning of October. By November, the company expects to have a network up and running in the Czech Republics four largest cities (Prague, Brno, Plzen and Ostrava) and to have connected its first customers.

Furthermore, Nextra Wireless has also entered into a sponsorship agreement with the Czech University of Technology, by which the company has committed to build a research and development laboratory for the testing of wireless technologies enabling Internet access.

Nextra Czech Republic has been present in the Czech market since 1998, and is now the premier provider of internet-based services. The Czech market is a significant one for Nextra as businesses are increasingly embracing established and new communications services. Market attitudes and solid growth within the Czech Republic as well as other Central European countries indeed indicate strong opportunity for Nextra Wireless in the region.

Although a company in its own right, Nextra Wireless will benefit from the strength of its parent companies. In addition to Nextras growing European presence, Telenor AS is active in more than 30 countries worldwide. Since 1855 Telenor has strived to offer exceptional telecommunication services ranging from mobile and satellite communications to wireless network services to the Internet.


About Nextra

The Nextra Group – owned by Telenor, the leading Norwegian telecommunications operator – is one of Europe’s foremost Internet-based service providers for the business community. The company is not only a traditional Internet Service Provider (ISP), but also belongs to the next generation of Internet companies – Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

Nextra offers communication, hosting and other net-based services to companies across Europe. The company will shortly offer a broad range of value-added services, including the distribution of voice and data based on an IP platform in the Czech Republic and 10 other countries in Europe. Nextbone, Nextras multi-megabit backbone, already stretches all over Europe, with numerous interconnection points in Europes busiest cities.

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