MMS free of charge during weekends

In April, Telenor Mobil customers can send multimedia messages (MMS) for free during the weekends. In addition, MMS messages sent from Telenor Mobil’s web site are free of charge throughout the entire month.

Published: 4 April 2003 10:26

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The offer applies from Fridays at 4PM to Sundays at midnight. Messages sent from the Telenor Mobil web site are free of charge 24 hours a day for the entire month.

Increasing interest

“We register that the interest in MMS is rising considerably, and the share of MMS-enabled phones in the market increases rapidly. We would like to offer our customers the possibility to try out the service free of charge, and we hope customers will send many colourful greetings during the Easter holidays this year,” said assistant Head of Information in Telenor Mobil, Esben Tuman Johnsen.

Telenor Mobil has made it possible to send MMS messages from its web site, allowing users to send pictures or sound files stored on one’s own computer, in addition to a number of ready made drawings and sounds.


With an MMS enabled mobile phone, it is possible to send a picture and practically as much text as desired. If the mobile is not already set up for MMS when it is purchased, this can be easily done by sending an SMS to Telenor Mobil. The phone settings will then be automatically sent and installed.

Setups for MMS enabled phones may be found on the Telenor Mobil web site,

For further information, please contact:

Assistant Head of Information in Telenor Mobil, Esben Tuman Johnsen. Tel. +47 905 08 400