Press releases

20 Oct, 2016 06:00 Press Release

Digital Winners Asia to help promising Asian startups expand into new markets

Yangon provides fitting backdrop to the pioneering spirit of scaling across borders.

26 Sep, 2014 05:00 Press Release

Telenor connects first customers in Myanmar

Telenor Group has announced that it will begin connecting customers in Myanmar on Saturday, September 27.

30 Jan, 2014 06:47 Press Release

Telenor Group signs license in Myanmar

Telenor Group today announced that it has signed an agreement with the Union Government of Myanmar for a nationwide telecommunications license. The license includes spectrum in the 900MHz and 2.1GHz bands and is valid for 15 years. Telenor aims to provide accessible and affordable mobile communications to people across Myanmar, and will launch services within eight months after the license is awarded.

11 Apr, 2013 14:01 Press Release

Telenor welcomes pre-qualification in competition to win telecom license in Myanmar

Telenor Group welcomes today’s announcement by Myanmar authorities that the company has pre-qualified for the competition to win one of two nationwide telecommunications licenses.