The Norwegian Radio Orchestra wins the Telenor International Culture Prize 2011

At a gala ceremony at the National Theatre in Oslo last night, the Telenor International Culture Prize 2011 was awarded to the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (Kringkastingsorkesteret). The orchestra delivers exceptional contributions to cultural development across a plethora of media formats, channels, geographical borders and social domains, the jury said.

Published: 27 September 2011 06:11

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Telenor runs an extensive cultural program, with the annual Telenor International Culture Prize – themed Boundless Communications -as a key component. The winner receives NOK 250.000.

International level

“We extend our congratulations to the Norwegian Radio Orchestra as winners of Telenor’s International Culture Prize for 2011. The Orchestra is a cultural institution with a proven ability to adapt during transformational periods. During this journey, the Orchestra has re-emerged as an international capability,” says Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and CEO, Telenor Group.

“Since its establishment in 1946, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra has become a cultural institution in its home market. Over the last few years, the Orchestra has expanded beyond Norway onto the global arena, including collaboration with the world’s premier soloists. Today, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra plays an increasingly influential role in the world of symphony. This year’s winner is a unique ensemble consisting of ingenious members with the ability to produce and perform music across stylistic genres,” says the head of the jury, Kjersti Alveberg.

“We are honored and touched by the prize as recognition of the fantastic journey we have undertaken as an ensemble,” says Rolf Lennart Stensø, the head of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

Since 1995

Last night, the Telenor International Culture Prize – Boundless Communication – was awarded for the 16th time.

Communication is at the core of Telenor. We often speak about “boundless” communication that unites people and organizations, unrestricted by geographical or structural limitations. Art and culture represent another form of communication between humans. High quality art has the capability to deliver heightened, emotional experiences that unites the people who listen and watch.

Previous award winners:

2010 – Olafur Eliasson, artist

2009 – Liv Ullmann, actress and film director

2008 – Jonas Bendiksen, photographer

2007 – Marilyn Mazur, percussionist, ensemble leader and composer

2006 – The International Museum of Children’s Art

2005 – Anne Marit Jacobsen, actress

2004 – Ingrid Lorentzen, dancer

2003* – the independent theatre company Verdensteatret

2001 – Ingvar Ambjørnsen, author

2000 – Juni Dahr, actress

1999 – Torun Lian, author and film director

1998 – Kari Bremnes, singer, musician and songwriter

1997 – Kjersti Alveberg, choreographer

1996 – Wenche Øyen, painter

1995 – Svein Tindberg, actor

* Between 2002 and 2003 Telenor changed the practice for dating. For press releases after 2002 the prize has been dated the same year as it was awarded. Earlier prizes were dated to the year prior to the award took place. Therefore there are no prizes dating from 2002.

The jury of 2011 was chaired by Kjersti Alveberg (choreographer) and further consisted of Robert Marc Friedman (historian and play writer), Lars Saabye Christensen (author), Thorbjørn Harr (actor), Shanti Brahmachari (Artistic Director, the Artxchange) and Kai Rosenberg (Telenor).


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