Telenor Supports Research School

The Simula School of Research and Innovation was founded 8 May 2007. The main goal is to educate ICT masters and doctorate candidates at Simula Lab in cooperation with the University of Oslo (UiO).

Published: 8 May 2007 07:00

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The school aims to be one of Europe’s leaders in producing ICT doctorate candidates. It will be linked to the University of Oslo, which will also be the institution that awards the grades. The Simula school will also have close links to industry, which has representatives among its owners and offers support in the form of scientific positions, classroom auditing and guidance. The Simula school was founded under the auspices of Simula Research Laboratory AS, supported by Hydro, Bærum municipality, SINTEF Research Group, the Norwegian Computing Centre (NR) and Telenor.

A strategic research investment

“The cooperation with Simula is part of a larger strategic investment aimed at the science subjects and technology development,” said director of communication at Telenor, Hilde Tonne. She hopes the companies’ involvement will help build a stronger national ICT environment, especially within exploration and production of oil and gas.

An interesting research partner

“If we are to succeed with innovation in Norway it is important to strengthen cooperation between different areas. Telenor holds a stake in the Simula school because we see it as an interesting research partner that can help strengthen the candidates’ competence in their field and their ability to exploit the results in new businesses,” said Hans-Christian Haugli, research director of Telenor R&I.