Telenor Introduces Child Pornography Filter in Sweden

Telenor and the Swedish National Criminal Investigation Department have introduced a filter that blocks access to Internet sites showing sexual abuse of children.

Published: 17 May 2005 07:00

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The filter, which was launched on 17 May 2005, is the result of a partnership between the Swedish National Criminal Investigation Department and Telenor. Telenor is responsible for the technical solutions while the Sexual Assaults against Children and Child Pornography Unit will ensure that the filter is updated.

Cooperating with the police

The new filter is based on a solution developed by Telenor in Norway, where a child pornography filter was successfully introduced in September 2004. In Norway, Telenor works closely with the Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service, Nye KRIPOS.

“In Norway, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our cooperation with the police. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer the same solution in Sweden, thereby contributing to prevent further distribution of child pornography on the Internet,” said Moniqa Løfstedt, head of information at Telenor AB.

A crime prevention initiative

“This is a genuine crime prevention initiative. The filter will enable us to stop a great number of people from accessing sites containing child pornography, and we will also be able to protect regular Internet users from unintentionally accessing such sites. Through cooperation between various players in society we are able to enhance the effectiveness of our crime prevention efforts,” said Peter Björk, police inspector at the National Criminal Investigation Department.

A pioneering service in Sweden

Telenor is the first Swedish telecommunications operator to supply a child pornography filter, a filter that will be applicable for all of Telenor’s Internet customers in Sweden, including business customers and customers of Glocalnet, Spray and Bredbandsbolaget.

“We are aware that a number of Internet providers are developing similar solutions, and we would welcome a cooperative effort in the industry. Other providers abroad and at home will soon be introducing similar solutions, and together we will deal a serious blow to commercial distributors of child pornography,” said Moniqa Löfstedt.

Here is how the child porn filter works:

The Swedish police provides current and updated information to Telenor, including lists of Internet sites that violate Swedish law. With the help of the filter, Telenor will be able to block all further traffic to such prohibited Internet sites. Users attempting to access sites blocked by the filter will be directed to a site containing general information about the filter.

For more information please contact:

Moniqa Löfstedt, head of information at Telenor AB, +46 734418101, for enquiries relating to the Swedish cooperation and technical information about the filter.

Peter Björk, police inspector at the Sexual Assaults against Children and Child Pornography Unit at the National Criminal Investigation Department, +46 84014655.

Atle Lessum, head of information at Telenor Consumer Market, +47 41505645, for enquiries relating to Telenor’s experience in the Norwegian market.

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