Telenor adds almost two million mobile phone numbers to Internet telephone directory

It is now possible to search for mobile phone numbers on the Internet, free of charge. Telenor Media has made 1.9 million mobile numbers available on the website Altogether it is now possible to search in 5.6 million records in the Internet telephone directory.

Published: 3 May 2001 13:23 is a free service which has grown steadily during the five months it has existed. The service is one of Norway’s five most popular websites. Users make 6 – 10 searches per week on average.

The mobile numbers that are searchable on are taken from Telenor Mobil’s customer base, corresponding to 68 % of the Norwegian mobile market. Telenor Media hopes that the other mobile operators will in time also make their subscribers available for free searching on the Internet under

A survey carried out by Norsk Gallup in March this year revealed a strong wish that mobile numbers should also be made available on Users stated that they would like both mobile numbers and e-mail addresses to be available on the website and that both should be free of charge.

The Norsk Gallup survey also revealed that it is mainly men who wish to save time and money by finding phone numbers on the Internet. As many as 7 out of 10 searches are made by men.

«With a further 1.9 million mobile subscribers in the database it is now possible to search from among a total of 5.6 million records on In a few months, it will also be possible to find e-mail addresses on the same site. And the whole search service is free of charge, says Gro Ismar», Chief Information Officer, Information Departement in Telenor Media.

Facts about Telenor Media AS

Telenor Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telenor ASA. Telenor Media develops information products and market places on the basis of user and customer needs, and distributes them via various media. With 10 % of the media market and 94 % of the directory market in Norway, Telenor Media’s directories are the largest media channel after TV and newspapers. Telenor Media is the fifth largest directory publisher in Europe. The company’s services are available in 11 countries.

Telenor Media’s directory database is regarded as the country’s best-updated customer database, containing approx. 1.8 million private persons, 173,000 enterprises and 28,000 public institutions. A staff of 140 is at work throughout Norway, making approximately 6,000 changes daily to ensure that the directories are as updated as possible. Telenor Media has 2,400 employees and had sales of NOK 1,665 million last year.