Press releases

December 20, 2001 Press Release

Marked increase in the use of phone and video conferences

Telenor has noted a great increase in the use of phone and video conferences this autumn. These conference formats have seen an increase in use of about 30 per cent from September to November this year compared with the same period last year.

December 19, 2001 Press Release

Demand high for broadband from Telenor

Over the past few months demand for high-speed Internet based on ADSL has increased substantially. Today, 25 000 consumers have ADSL and this is an increase of 14 000 since the end of September. Telenor Plus has delivered ADSL to customers in all Norwegian counties and by the end of the year half of all Telenor’s telephony customers will have access to ADSL.

December 18, 2001 Press Release

The City of Trondheim signs Norway’s largest ASP-contract with Telenor ASA

The City of Trondheim and Telenor have announced the signing of a major agreement regarding outsourcing of IT services. With more then 3000 connection points, this is Norway’s most comprehensive ASP-contract ever.

December 17, 2001 Press Release

1881: New number for Telenor’s directory services from February 15, 2002

Telenor’s directory services, Opplysningen 180, will be given a new number from February 15, 2002. The new number will be 1881. The present number, 180, will be closed down as of May 1, next year.

December 13, 2001 Press Release

Telenor Mobil fined by Norwegian authorities

Telenor Mobil has been fined NOK 2 million by Økokrim, the Norwegian authority for economic and environmental crime investigation and prosecution. In addition to the fine, a sum of NOK 8 million will be seized as a result of an alleged violation of telecom legislation. The fine is based on extended market support from Telenor Mobil to Telenor Business Solutions during the late 1990s. This support was neither made public nor offered to other companies. Deficiencies in the international pricing system made it less expensive for Telenor Business Solutions’ competitors to route calls via foreign countries rather than directly between customers in Norway. Telenor considered it inexpedient for Telenor Business Solutions to direct its calls through foreign countries. Telenor Business Solutions was therefore given compensation for not exploiting the deficiencies in the international pricing system. Telenor does not concur that legislation has been violated, and will consider closely whether to accept the fine.

Press Release

Tiscali acquires Nextra Germany


December 6, 2001 Press Release

Share offer to employees

This notification has been sent to the Oslo Stock Exchange:

December 5, 2001 Press Release

Total number of bonus shares

This notification has been sent to the Oslo Stock Exchange:

The total number of bonus shares allotted to private shareholders are 1,896,828. After the allotment, Telenor holds approx. 28.1 million own shares.

December 4, 2001 Press Release

Allotment of bonus shares

Notification sent to the Oslo Stock Exchange:

December 3, 2001 Press Release

Telenor to consolidate company structure

Telenor continues to co-ordinate the company’s legal and operational structure. Business in the holding company Telenor ASA has been divided into three areas: core activities, related activities and other activities. The business areas defined as core activity will be organised as holding companies for their respective subsidiaries. The legal structure will thus correspond with the structure already familiar to the public. A number of merger and demerger announcements have therefore formally been filed with the registry at Brønnøysund in Norway. The notifications will also be published in print (Norsk Lysningsblad).