Telenor Internet with ADSL

Telenor is now preparing for the December 1 launch of Telenor Internet with ADSL, a new product featuring high-speed connection to the Internet, 24-hours a day, at a fixed price.

Published: 8 November 2000 12:00

Internet with ADSL opens a wide range of possibilities for users. First and foremost – the new high-speed connection offers a substantial improvement in the transmision of sound and video over telephone lines (so called streaming), as well as the ability to download files at a much faster rate.

ADSL, which stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, is a technology that makes possible the bearing of high bandwidths through ordinary copper telephone lines, without interrupting or affecting the customers house telephone connection.

Internet with ADSL is already between six and 16 times faster than todays ISDN connection, but will likely be upgraded to eight Mbit/s in the future.

Telenor Internet with ADSL is offered in three different connection speeds:

384 kbit/s downstream – 128 kbit/s upstream

704 kbit/s downstream – 128 kbit/s upstream

1024 kbit/s downstream – 256 kbit/s upstream

Subscription prices for the various connection speeds are NOK 450, NOK 550 and NOK 750 per month respectively. In addition, there is a one-time installation fee of NOK 1,995.

“We believe that a high-speed connection where the Internet is available 24 hours a day at a fixed price will be very attractive for active Internet users. Among the many advantages, transmission of sound and video over the telephone access network becomes much more easily available and at a far better quality. This service will allow users to take full advantage of the latest technologies being employed on the web,” said Knut Haakon Nilsen, manager of Telenor Internet.


At the time of the launch, more than 20 percent of the network infrastructure will be ADSL supportive. The rollout will first take place in the city centres of Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim, as well as some suburbs of Oslo. The offer will later be extended to other cities and towns throughout Norway.