Sense Communications buys GSM network capacity from Telia/Telenor Mobile

Telia/Telenor Mobile have signed service provider agreements with telecom operator, Sense Communications International AS. Sense will buy GSM network capacity from the two companies allowing it to develop and offer a suite of mobile communications services to its own customer base throughout Sweden and Norway.

Published: 23 November 1999 12:00

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The agreements, which have been separately negotiated for the two markets, mean that Sense will be able to offer bundled mobile services through the Telia Mobile and Telenor Mobile GSM networks in Sweden and Norway. This is not the first time that Telia has provided this capability to service providers as it signed similar agreements earlier in the year. The deal means that Sense Communications will become Norways third mobile operator.

«Im convinced that we can satisfy the growing market demand for mobile services in Norway and Sweden. With more choice comes competition and thats good for business,» says Telenor Mobiles President and the new Head of Nordic Operations for the merged Telia/Telenor, Stig M. Herbern. Erik Hallberg, who heads Marketing and Sales at Telia Mobile, agrees:

«New players in this market increase sales of mobile products which also boosts the utilisation of our network capacity. Customers are provided with individual solutions from different service providers who compete in a free market.»

Sense will provide its customers with marketing, sales, hardware, customer service desk and billing. The main components of the agreement now signed with Telia and Telenor Mobile mean that the two companies will primarily offer bandwidth and network capacity. However, they will also offer Sense the opportunity to purchase value-added services in order to create an even more competitive range of products.

According to Nadir Nalbant, President of Sense Communications, Norway, the agreement means that his company will be able to begin providing mobile services in Norway during the first half of 2000 and will be a springboard to a future product offering.

«We are aiming to merge mobile services and WAP applications at an early stage. Initially, well offer our products to the private user market, but in the longer term we will even target the business user market.»

Company facts

Sense Communications AS

Sense Communications is a Norwegian company with Elkjøp AS, marketing under the El Giganten brand in Sweden, as its largest shareholder. The company was founded in April this year and during August launched the first subscriptionless Internet service in Norway which has so far attracted more than 50,000 customers.