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May 1998

12 May, 1998 10:08 Press Release

Telenor financial results for 1997

According to preliminary annual accounts for 1997 from Norways major telecommunications and IT company, Telenor, the Telenor Group recorded a 15.1 per cent increase in operating income, to NOK 25,518 million. Profits before taxes amounted to NOK 1,915 million, a decrease of approximately NOK 440 million from 1996. This was mainly due to expenses related to investments and start-up of activities outside of Norway. For domestic activities, the estimated profit before taxes rose by approximately NOK 410 million to NOK 2,300 in 1997. At the same time, the assessed value of the Group is increasingly positive, not least because of good developments in the company’s operations abroad.

5 May, 1998 09:56 Press Release

Telenor has established new software company for telecom applications

Norways leading IT and telecommunications company Telenor has established a software company specialising in telecom applications. The new company will deliver consulting services and a modern family of IT-systems both within and outside the Telenor group

4 May, 1998 09:57 Press Release

Telenor, 1st quarter 1998

In the 1st quarter of 1998, the Telenor Group’s consolidated operating income amounted to NOK 6,776 million, a 17.5 per cent rise compared to the same period last year. The operating profit in the 1st quarter amounted to NOK 774 million, compared to NOK 536 million in the same period in 1997. The growth in operating income and the improvement in the operating result come primarily from the growth in the market for network-based service.

March 1998

30 Mar, 1998 09:23 Press Release

Telenor engaged in GSM mobile network in the Ukraine

Norwegian Telenor has signed a contract on a 35 per cent ownership share in ZAO Kyivstar GSM, operator of a GSM mobile network in Ukraine. The contract was signed in Oslo, 26th March, and involves investments of around 40 million USD on Telenors behalf.

February 1998

20 Feb, 1998 10:18 Press Release

Talks on merger Telenor/Telia stranded

Talks between Norwegian Telenor and Swedish Telia on a possible merger between the two companies have ended resultless. The owners of the two companies, the Norwegian and the Swedish governments, did not succeed in reaching an agreement on equal balance between the two parties in a new merged company. The decision made by the Minister of Transport and Communication is in full harmony with the advice given by the board and management of Telenor.

18 Feb, 1998 12:33 Press Release

No Telenor/Telia-agreement yet

The Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, today claims knowledge of the contents of an MoU, which the management of the the two companies, Telenor and Telia, are said to have agreed upon in a meeting Friday.

18 Feb, 1998 12:25 Press Release

Comments to stories in the press on Telia, Telenor and BT

The Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv and the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri today claim knowledge of a said secret plan between the management of Telenor and Telia to offer BT a stake in a possibly merged new company. Such plans do not exist and has neither been a subject in the ongoing talks

11 Feb, 1998 10:13 Press Release

Telenor opens GSM mobile net in Stavropol

Late January this year, StavTeleSot opened its new GSM mobile network in Stavropol in Russia where approximately 350 000 inhabitants will have access to the new mobile service. Telenor holds a 49 per cent stake in the company.

10 Feb, 1998 14:53 Press Release

Telenor in talks with Telia

Talks between Norwegian Telenor and the Swedish telecom operator, Telia, have been in progress for some time, with the aim to propose a full merger between the two companies. The talks were temporarily stopped by the Norwegian government on Friday 16 January, but were soon resumed after pressure from a majority in the Norwegian Parliament.

2 Feb, 1998 12:48 Press Release

Telenor Announces New Price Structure

Norways Telenor will substantially reduce the cost of international calls and calls to cellular telephones as of 1 March 1998, thereby making Telenor the most competitive in Norway for these types of calls. Subscription prices will go up simultaneously to cover the cost of operating the subscription network. These changes are carried through in line with the new free-market guidelines recently set by Norwegian telecommunication authorities. Prices for local and long-distance calls will not be affected at this stage.