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August 1999

5 Aug, 1999 12:00 Press Release

New mobile record in the 1st half year: prepaid subscriptions leap ahead

Sales of mobile phones are still breaking all records in Norway. So far this year Telenor Mobil has sold 266,984 new GSM subscriptions, making a total of 100,000 more GSM subscriptions in the first half of the year compared with the same period in 1998. RingKontant, i.e. prepaid subscriptions, account for more than 90 percent of the new sales. Telenor Mobil is now expanding network capacity for RingKontant in order to be able to cope with its gigantic growth.

July 1999

8 Jul, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Grameen Phone signs long-term international loan agreement

Grameen Phone in Bangladesh has signed a 55 million US dollar financing package agreement with the Asia Development Bank (ADB), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC). The loan and equity agreement was signed in Dhaka on Wednesday 7th July and provides for a 16,67 million US dollar loan and an equity investment of 1,57 million dollar each from IFC, ADB and CDC. Telenor is the majority shareholder in Grameen Phone with 51%.

8 Jul, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Telenor with new mobile offer this summer: prepaid service can be used from abroad

From 9 July, customers who use Telenor Mobil’s prepaid service will be able to use their mobile telephones abroad. Users of the prepaid service will be able to make calls from and receive calls to their mobile ‘phone, and send and receive text messages when they are abroad.

7 Jul, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Aliatel and Telenor confirm consortium partnership in Czech Republic

The Aliatel-Telenor partnership is in a strong strategic position to win the third mobile license. Both companies possess market and business know-how, financial strength and the technical infrastructure to offer attractive wireless services within the Czech Republic. Together they have a strong position both locally and internationally in the telecom market. “The consortium is a […]

2 Jul, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Year 2000 is ready for your call

Telenors network is now year 2000 ready. Phone calls and other telecommunications and data services supplied by Telenor are now taking place on year 2000 ready networks. Telenor has tested and corrected its services with possible year 2000 errors in mind, 6 months before New Year.

June 1999

23 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Tormod Hermansen: “No shares offered to BT!”

There have been some claims in the media today that the future C.E.O. of the proposed merged Telenor/Telia, Mr. Tormod Hermansen, has offered BT (British Telecom) an ownership share of between three and 15 per cent in the new company. “I have of course not offered any such thing to BT relating to ownership shares. Distribution of shares will be handled by the owners – the Norwegian and Swedish governments – and I strongly reject such unfounded claims,” states Mr. Hermansen.

18 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Letter of Intent Between Telenor and Cisco Systems: All-out effort to build new infrastructure

Telenor has signed a letter of intent on a comprehensive collaboration with Cisco Systems, the world’s leading supplier of electronic systems for the Internet. The aim is to build a test version of an integrated infrastructure based on the Internet Protocol (IP) for telephony, data and multimedia services from land-line and mobile connections. Based on the test results, Telenor can eventually replace the variety of networks currently in use with this Full Service Network (FSN).

15 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

EU extends study of merger between Telenor and Telia

The EU Commission Tuesday decided to expand its analysis of the proposed merger between Telenor and Telia. The study now enters what is called phase 2, a phase which may last up to four months.

11 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Telenor launches broadband internet access with ADSL

Telenor became the first telecom operator in Scandinavia to offer the new terrestrial broadband ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) service on June 7th. Initially available in central regions of Oslo, Bærum and Tromsø, the ADSL service offers businesses Internet access at speeds from 5 to 30 times higher than an ISDN connection, at a price which is lower than a leased line.

11 Jun, 1999 12:00 Press Release

The 1999 Telenor Research Award goes to the Telepathology Group in Tromsø

The 1999 Telenor Research Award has been given to the Telepathology Group within the telemedicine project in Tromsø. The group gets the prize for its contributions to develop and promote telepathology as a methode within telemedicine. The award money of NOK 250,000 is Friday handed over in Langesund, at the the annual gathering for the Norwegian electronics and computer trades.