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November 1999

25 Nov, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Advisers appointed for the sales of cable TV business

Telenor/Telia announces the appointment of NM Rothschild & Sons (“Rothschild”) and D. Carnegie AB (“Carnegie”) as joint advisers on the sale of their respective cable TV businesses, TIMTV and Telenor Avidi. Disposal of those businesses is a condition of EU approval of the merger between the two parent companies.

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23 Nov, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Sense Communications buys GSM network capacity from Telia/Telenor Mobile

Telia/Telenor Mobile have signed service provider agreements with telecom operator, Sense Communications International AS. Sense will buy GSM network capacity from the two companies allowing it to develop and offer a suite of mobile communications services to its own customer base throughout Sweden and Norway.

21 Nov, 1999 12:00 Press Release


The board of Newtel Ireland AB confirms that, following the announcement last week by the Governments of Norway and Sweden that the merger of Telenor AS and Telia AB to form Newtel AB is to be unwound, Newtel AB has agreed to sell the shares held by it in Newtel Ireland AB to Telenor AS. Consequently, Newtel Ireland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telenor AS and is being renamed Telenor Ireland AB.

18 Nov, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Telenor/Telia acquires German business ISP: e.comp

Telenor/Telia, the recently merged Scandinavian telecommunications group, continues its ambitious international expansion into Germany. With the acquisition of e.comp, an Internet Service Provider focusing on the business market, Telia/Telenor will enter Germany’s large and demanding professional IP-based communication services market.

16 Nov, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Telenor/Telia cuts Norwegian mobile prices by NOK 150 per customer

Beginning on 1 February 2000, Telenor will change its pricing structure and cut call prices for its GSM mobile phone customers. Calls will be billed in seconds with an initial charge, making it cheaper to call and send text messages. All in all, the move will give net price reductions of NOK 250 million (more than 31 million USD) in 2000. This is a seven per cent cut, or NOK 150 per GSM subscriber (nearly 19 USD).

2 Nov, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Telenor/Telia: Stronger earnings despite deep price cuts

Telenor and Telia reported earnings higher than in the corresponding period the preceding year, excluding one-off items. Higher earnings resulted from a combination of stronger revenues and successful cost-cutting, mainly in the domestic markets.

October 1999

15 Oct, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Telenor and Q-Free take the first step to European toll road standard

Q-Free and Telenor were recently chosen as contractors for a new electronic tag system for road toll collection in Norway. The project, called Autopass, will set a new standard for Electronic Fee Collection system (EFC) in Norway. This new tag is the first step towards a common European toll road standard.

13 Oct, 1999 12:00 Press Release

EU approves merger of Telenor and Telia

The EU Commission said yes on Wednesday to the merger of Telenor and Telia. “The decision was very welcome, and we have plans ready to introduce a strong, customer-oriented and very competitive telecommunications company to the Scandinavian market and internationally”, says the future President and CEO Tormod Hermansen.

11 Oct, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Telenor Mobil introduces Internet access from your mobile phone

Telenor Mobil announces the launch of a service which will provide mobile phone subscribers with Internet access from their phones. The technology is called WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and links GSM and the Internet, allowing users access to information and services hosted on standard WEB servers.

August 1999

12 Aug, 1999 12:00 Press Release

Telenor Reports Continued Revenue Growth

The Telenor Group recorded an operating profit of NOK 1811 million for the first six months of 1999. This is an increase of NOK 42 million compared to the corresponding period in 1998. Turnover increased during the same period by over 15 per cent to NOK 15 851 million.